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CinCyr Music Ministry & Productions
Specializing in Quality Music Programs for Seniors
Cindy has been performing music for seniors since 1982.  She has a
Variety of Shows designed for Senior Organizations, as well as
Retirement & Assisted Living Communities, Nursing Homes, and
Alzheimer & Dementia facilities.  
Cindy has performed for more than 400 Senior Organizations and
averages 280 performances per year.
Cindy’s Singing Shows are above your typical performer.  She gets
your residents involved in the music making process which brings about
scientifically proven health benefits.  
With over 25 years of professional experience, Cindy’s shows and
music programs are designed with the senior adult community in mind.  
These delightful shows and sing a-longs bring about a sense of
fulfillment, enjoyment, as well as proven health and wellness benefits
by encouraging and engaging group participation.
Never the same show!  Cindy has more than 20 different shows that she
has created for the senior community!        
See Client Testimony at the bottom of this page!

                 "Cindy, you are like a ray of sunshine that brightens our lives!"
            "I was really feeling down and you lifted my spirit!"

Recreational Music & Wellness Programs
Specializing in Recreational Music & Wellness Programs for Seniors!  
Click here to learn about Clavinova Connection & HealthRHYTHMS.

HealthRHYTHMS - Drumming
In November 2010, Cindy was trained by a world–renowned music
therapist, Christine Stevens and Dr. Barry Bittman, to facilitate a
recreational music & wellness program called HealthRHYTHMS.  This
program encourages group empowerment drumming to enhance health
and wellness, stress reduction, self expression, music making, exercise,
and more.  This program was created by the world renowned music
therapist Christine Stevens, Dr. Barry Bittman, and Karl Bruhn, the
Father of Music Making & Wellness Movement along with the REMO
drum company.

Clavinova Connection - Piano
Clavinova Connection Flier
Health Benefits of Clavinova Connection
In November 2006, Cindy was trained by Yamaha Corporation of
America to facilitate Clavinova Connection, a recreational music &
wellness program that combines beginning piano playing and
scientifically proven stress reduction techniques using the Yamaha
Digital Piano.  The program was designed by Yamaha Corporation, Dr.
Barry Bittman, and Karl Bruhn, the Father of Music Making and
Wellness Movement, to create a fun music making experience that has
been scientifically proven to reduce stress.          

CinCyr School of Voice & Music
CinCyr School of Voice & Music celebrated its grand opening on
January 8th, 2007.  Cindy's studio is located in Memorial near the
Galleria and Spring Branch.
Cindy offers private and group lessons in both voice and piano, as well
as music theory, sight singing, and ear training.  
Cindy also teaches Recreational Music & Wellness Classes in both
Piano and in Drumming.  For more information see:
       Clavinova Connection (piano)  and
       HealthRHYTHMS (drumming)
Cindy uses the vocal technique of Vocal Coach Chris Beatty from
Nashville, TN.  His Vocal Coach Products are for sale through the
school.  Contact Cindy for more information.
Cindy uses the most popular piano methods on the market today.  She
teaches beginner piano to all age groups starting at the age of 5 and
she has taught seniors as young as in their 70's!

SE Texas Jazz Central Big Band
Cindy is the lead singer with the SE Texas Jazz Central Big Band, a  
12-piece or 18-piece big band, performing a variety of music from the
1920's - 1980's.  The band is the perfect addition for weddings,
fundraisers, country clubs, corporate events, restaurants, etc...
Cindy has been singing with Texas Jazz Central for 16 years, since
September, 1996.

                                          "Texas Jazz Central is the hippest big band in town!"
                                                                               -Ronnie Renfrow
CinCyr-ly Yours Jazz Band
Cindy and the CinCyr-ly Yours Jazz Band is the perfect addition for
your music entertainment needs, weddings, luncheons, dinner parties,
fundraisers, country clubs, corporate events, etc…
Piano, bass, and drums back Cindy on vocals.  
Other instruments can be added, such as saxophone, guitar, etc...  
You choose the size band you want (1-5 instruments).

              "With the energy of Judy Garland and the vocal smoothness and
clarity of Ella Fitzgerald, Cindy, You're the Top!"
Cindy has 3 recording projects available:
Click on the CD to learn more,
to hear a demo of Cindy and to purchase!
713-464-SING  (7464)
It Takes the Right Person
by Kelli Amico

Moving into a new community can be a
difficult experience for residents.  
Mary Alice Story had always been involved in
community and volunteering.  
After moving into EdenTerrace, Mary Alice
would join our resident groups,
but she never really got involved,
until our Fourth of July Celebration where our
good friend,
Cindy St. Cyr,
led the residents in a heartwarming
sing-along of treasured patriotic songs.  
Singing the anthems of each branch
of the military, Cindy touched on a subject
near and dear to Mary Alice.  
Mary Alice presented Cindy with photographs
of herself and her husband in uniform.  
Other residents began sharing photos and
stories of their experiences.  
Mary Alice is involved
in many activities these days.
It just took the right person.
Cindy St. Cyr
& Her Work
with the
her work with the
Senior Community

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